Sunday, May 10, 2009

why do we do it?!

Why do we consciously eat crappy food when we know its not good for us and will not help with our goals in the long run?

Seriously! I would like to hear your take on self sabotage!

This weekend contained the following:
Friday Night - Mexican and a 'i hate my ex' pint of ben and jerrys...

Saturday - I moved a TON of stuff to storage so I felt I deserved a subway sub w/chips and soad.. oh and apparently its free cookie day on saturday.. so I got a cookie.

dinner was chinese buffet and then a chocolate triffle...

Sunday - at a sensible breakfast of cereal... then moved more stuff to storage...and had french bread pizza for dinner.. plus a single serve bag of chips.. then some popcorn (was watching a movie).. and then more ice cream (I had finished the pint.. so I actually bought more tonight... just a single serve at least..)

I honestly don't get it... If I had to break it down to non-food reasons I would say stress and uncertainty. I don't have a job lined up for after the summer yet.. and I don't know where I am going.

I say I want to lose weight but I am obviously pretending since I can't seem to actually committ to it instead of just 'being interested in it'.

at one point this past week, the scale was down to 221ish... I don't expect anything great tomorrow morning but hey.. It's all my fault.. I'm the one that ate like the world was going to end!

Tomorrow ... back to eating well. Smoothies for breakfast, salads for lunch, and a sensible dinner. It's easier during the week because I have a schedule... and then all hell breaks lose on the weekend.

I hope one day I learn....

Hope you all had a good weekend!


Natasha said...

For me it's a coping mechanism. I know that I need to replace eating with something else. It's my default reaction when something is going right or wrong in my life. I've been trying to replace it with exercise, shopping and redecorating my condo, but until I learn to use those as my default I will just continue to eat. It's a learning experience - replacing old habits with new ones.

Tena said...

Old habits are hard to break. I think it's just easier to go with what we find to be routine. Looking for foods that won't trip us up is what we need to do! Let's keep trying!

NewMe said...

At least part of the answer is simple: foods that are full of sugar, salt and fat taste really good. They make us feel "happy" (serotonin production rises, I think). We are hard-wired to like this stuff.

This doesn't mean we shouldn't or don't like healthy foods. As I sit here typing, I'm really hungry and would just love a bowl of brussel sprouts. But I also know that once my hunger is satisfied, I will probably crave something sweet like chocolate ice cream. That's just the way it is.

Personally, I try to deal with the hunger by eating healthy foods and placate my evil side with a small serving of sweets. I find it much more easy to take, if I say to myself that the sweets are not totally off limits. Then I don't have to beat myself up if I eat a bit and don't have to gorge because if I really want something, it's there.

All this to say, I'm trying to cultivate "intuitive eating" and leave the rules and regulations behind. It's not easy precisely because there are no rules. It forces you to get in touch with you body, your hunger and the reasons we eat when we not hungry.