Sunday, June 7, 2009

still here

I'm still around.. just in a little transition.. and now on vacay with my twin! We are road tripping for a few days and eating has been pretty bad.. pizza, chinese food, chips, soda... but.. once she heads back to Oregon next wed, I will get myself back on track AND back to working out. I have found the least hill-y road to start my 5K training on and am looking forward to that! Our organic chef comes next weekend.. and it will be nice to have some good, home cooked, organic/natural food options. I would really love to drop 20lbs by my friend Melissa's wedding AUgust 8th. It may be a stretch but at least I've got something in mind for a goal.

I have her wedding shower to go to next weekend.. so food will be a little poor until probably Mid-June.. I hope everyone is doing well!


Tena said...

Good to see you back! As long as we keep mindfully moving forward, that's something to be proud of. I think the summer holds great promise for you!

Mama Bear June said...

You do know that if you continue to plan on unhealthy eating, the less time you'll have to lose that weight by the wedding, right????? ;-) You CAN make healthy choices NOW and all week long.
Path to Health

misssarahlou said...

I've got to agree with Mama Bear June, if we plan to eat unhealthy we eat unhealthy, if we plan to eat healthy we eat healthy. You can do it! 20lbs in what 8 weeks? You can do this or you can get close, the sooner you start the more chance you have :o)

Mama Bear June said...

Mel......Helloooooooo?? Are you OK?
Path to Health

Dina said...

Hey, you around?

Lisa said...

Hows everything going?

- Lisa