Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Still around!!

Hey all!
Sorry for the radio silence this summer. Working at a summer camp really leaves you with no time for blogging! I was busy music directing two musicals ( 'Beauty and the Beast' and 'Peter Pan'), teaching voice lessons, violin lessons and doing a gazillion other things this summer!

We are camper-less now, which is nice, but we still have a lot of things to wrap up... cleaning and storing things for the winter... going through lost and found and just wrapping things up! I am here at camp until I get a teaching job. I was offered a job down in DC last week but it turned out to be a bit to urban, way long hours and not enough pay... plus I think they've gone behind my back and hired someone else since I said I couldn't say 'yes' yet... thats ok BECAUSE.... I just booked an interview for a job in Newburgh, NY. It hasn't even been posted yet but because I sent in my application for a different job in their district, and I have been bugging the crap out of the head of the music dept., I am now going through the screening process for the job of "Creative Academic Support" teacher.

In short.. it's what I've been doing here at camp for the past 5 summers... music directing for the musicals! Newburgh has a performing arts magnet elementary school and I think that's the school that this job is for. It's supposedly a full time, tenure track, elementary position. I would not be teaching general music classes or chorus.. just musicals and ( I'm hoping) some voice lessons.

I think it's funny how this all came about. I was very hesitant to accompany the musicals at camp this summer.. did fine with both but REALLY had a blast doing 'Peter Pan'. The owner of camp can't stop complimenting me on how well I am playing now. And the kids sounded great too.. so I know I am doing something right. I had originally applied for a job in the elementary school at Newburgh as a general music/strings teacher, but after some restructuring of teachers.. this Support position is now open.. and not posted yet. I had a great phone chat with the director and I'm really looking forward to my interview. It's next tuesday, 8/25 (my 29th birthday! Gah!!) at 2pm. Positive thoughts/prayers please!

Eating/exercising was rough this summer.. but that's another post. Once my life settles in a few weeks, I will be getting back on that wagon and lose this weight for GOOD! I hope you all are having a great summer!



HopeFool said...

Sounds like a fun summer. Looking forward to reading you more regularly again when you get more settled.

Mama Bear June said...

It's good to hear from you again. Sounds like a great time at camp. Good luck with your interview and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
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*fitcetera* said...

Good to see you're still around!