Sunday, October 19, 2008


pretty lame day today.. but I did make myself go walk at least.. and stayed with in my points range.. so i guess it's actually a non-lame day.

I'm really low on $ and it really stresses me. I have one more week at the day care, and durring this week i HAVE to find another job to start next week.. I can't have a break inbetween.. I cant afford a break.. I have an interview at Stafkings on tuesday.. and will call kelly services on tuesday as well.. I may have to hold off on my car loan.. or call and see if I can not pay for a month..  

anyways.. i can't think about it now.. I can only pray that something comes up on Tuesday. I've contacted a debt management service and hope I can get lower payments on that.. everything will work out... 

Food today..

oatmeal w/almonds (3)
fiberone bar (2)

falafel (2)
rice (4)
cheese (2)

rice (4)
bean/sweet potato mix (2)
ww wrap (2)

Walk (40 min) 3ap

popcorn w/ gold fish (6)
applesauce (1)

all 31 daily points, and all 3 APs

On a side note.. I can't afford Weight Watchers after all.. at least not untill I have another job.. so I will keep posting on here and track on my own.


Michelle said...

Your doing great!! Sorry to hear that your having money problems ...been there and done that. Keep up the great work with the weight loss are staying OP and that is key!!

Mel said...

Thanks, Michelle.. I really appreciate the encouragement!