Saturday, October 18, 2008

brrr! Fall is here!

I woke up at 9am to a very cold morning.. only 20!! My walk had to wait til after noon.. and even then it was pretty cold! I did get in a long, hour walk. Sometimes I have moments during the walk where I just want to turn around.. I think I get bored.. and sometimes my back or knees hurt.. but.. I have nothing else to do.. and I *DO* want to lose weight.. so I kept going.

I've been reading food blogs this evening.. not good since now I'm really hungry. I want to make something with sweet potatoes and black beans.. but I don't have any black beans. Maybe I will make a sweet potato with veggies on top.

I made falafal balls today.. the kind in the box.. and they were actually really good.. and filling for that matter (go chickpeas!) I put a few in a whole wheat wrap w/ some spaghetti sauce and a little cheese and wrapped it up. I actually had 2.. but 1 would have totally been enough!

A pretty lazy day otherwise.. played scrabble online with my sis for an hour or so... read for awhile.. took an hour nap (ha) and then read food blogs for an hour.. now I need to go make something for dinner.

Food List

shredded wheat and soy milk (6)

falafal balls
whole wheat wraps
spag. sauce
 1 wrap = 8 points?
I think I over counted for the falafel...

Hour long Walk --- 4 AP

12 points left for the day

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