Friday, October 17, 2008

If it was easy, everyone would do it.. It's the hard that makes it great..

I'm watching 'A league of their own'.. love that movie!

I ate too much at dinner tonight.. and couldve just had water to make me feel full. But at least I learned from it.

Cold today... so I didn't go for a walk.. plus my body is tired from yesterday... It's sort of an excusse.. and I'm trying not to make those.. one day at a time though.

Food for Today

shredded wheat, soy milk (5)
banana bread (4)

2 grilled cheese (14)
mixed veggies (0)

530 - starving after work
1 1/2 c lentil soup (3)

popcorn (3)

800 (didn't need this...)
peas (1)
5 fake chix nuggets (5)

Used all 31 points... and 9 weekly points

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