Tuesday, October 7, 2008

damn tortilla chips

The multi grain tostitos come in a much smaller bag and I have managed to eat pretty much the whole bag... gross..

part of me just wants to finish the stupid bag off and get over it.. the other part of me wants to just throw it away and get over it..

i knew i shouldn't have bought them tonight... but me in my .. 'i did ok at weigh-in today.. i can splurge'.. attitude.. went and bought them.. .c'est la vie

Weigh-in was suprising.. while I only went down .4, I still managed to actually go DOWN after a weekend of eating off plan and drinking way too much.

I really need to get back into a workout schedule.. today is my short day at work.. done at 1.. and i came home and took a nap.. it was a GORGEOUS day today.. and i took a nap

I need to get out of this funk I'm in.. and get into a schedule that includes exercise and practicing singing.. its way too tempting for me to come home.. get in bed.. and read or catch up on tv

Here's a look at today's food.. I know i went over (thanks tostitos)

b - oatmeal, ww eng muffin w/rf pb PLUS a mini bagel at work... really!?
L - about 2 cups of rice with beans and corn
D - 3 tacos with soy crumbles, cheese, sour cream
then like a whole bage of multi-grain chips and salsa

tomorrow is a start to a new week.. I bought groceries.. lots of fresh produce.. spaghetti squash (since we talked about it for like 10 minutes at tonights meeting)

Here are this weeks dinner ideas

The old stand by --- squash,carrots and onion sauted over rice
might put together a lasagna with soy crumbles
roasted fall veggies (onion,carrot,potato,squash)
And i need to do something with the broccolli I bought a week ago...

the good thing about having lunch at work is I don't need to buy as much food.. but its also not always healthy.. especially when I have more than one helping..

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