Monday, October 6, 2008

monday monday

Ok.. well.. it was an ok day. I went away this weekend to see a friend out in Cleveland.. and it was tough to eat well and I definently drank more than I should've. I tried really hard today to eat ok.. but I had seconds at school. I think I feel like I need to finish what the kids don't so as not to waste food.. but.. HELLO!? I don't buy the food.. so It's not my waste to deal with. My goal this week is to not take seconds at lunch. 

that said.. weigh in is tomorrow.. Im pullin for either a loss or no gain/loss... but am prepared for a gain.. I know it was a rough weekend and I let it be that way. 

todays food

1 packet oatmeal (2)

1 1/2 - 2 cups pasta (6-8)
1/2 c peas (1)
mini chicken poppers/nuggets (8?) 
(YES>> chicken. ... WTF.. I go no meat and then I get to school.
I think I was like.. 'damn.. i am not going to be full on pasta and peas... tomorrow is another day..)
1/2 c apple juice (1)
3 slices WW bread w/butter (6)

dinner 6:30
2 slices Nirchies square pizza (1 plain, 1 mushroom) (10)
diet pepsi

I have no weekly left.. obviously.. thanks weekend.
Total used..  36 +/-

My GOALS this week.. 

1. Exercise!!!! t/th and sat/sun .. either walks or Taebo.. something to get me moving
2. drink 2 large water bottles/day
3. NO MEAT.. c'mon.. seriously
4. Only take one helping of lunch at work

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