Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happily Employed, and a minus at WI

I had my 2nd interview at the radio station today. I have been hired.. 25k/yr, about $13/hr.. so I think I will be ok! Plus there is health and I get a week vacation after 6 months (which will probably be used for interviewing for teaching jobs).. I actually have to go back in to day at 230 to meet the phone man and learn the system and do the greeting message. I go for training for the next 3-4 days and get my first pay check (only for 2 days of work.. but!) friday. I can finally breathe and my attitue has greatly improved!

WI this morning was good.. only down .2, but still.. it's down and not up.. so I'm ok with that.. I have a feeling this is going to be an especially slow adventure, at least until I can get into a gym.. which will hopefuly be in 2 weeks once I start getting full pay checks and am caught up on bills.

Even though Im getting a good salary.. I'm still going to be really tight with my money.. I need to try to save up money for my next transition.. which will hopefully be this summer to a new city for a new teaching job. I need to join a gym though.. $45/month is worth it.. I will shop at Aldi if i have to.. Plus I have $325 coming in in mid november for the Messiah gig I am doing.. so I could just earmark that money for the Gym.. and probably will.

Food Log

cereal/milk (6)

4 tacos (5)
bean/corn (2)

fiber 1 bar (2)
1 serving RF cheezits (3)
2 PB cups (6) *

* I spent like 10 minutes in the grocery store trying to decide what I wanted for a guilty pleasure type snack. Unfortunately I am still rewarding myself with food.. But at least I am very aware of what I am doing.. hence why it took me 10 minutes to decide. I thought of chips and salsa.. but for the points it's such a small portion.. and they would be in the house always tempting me...I finally decided on Reduced Fat White cheddar cheezits.. I love those.. and then I decided i wanted chocoalte.. so i grabbed a packet of reeses pb cups as well. I came home and counted out a serving of cheezits, and it was enough. I enjoyed my PB cups as well. If anything at least Im more concious of what Im eating and whats worth the points... and that's a good start!

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