Tuesday, October 28, 2008

playing the waiting game

It seems like when you are unemployed.. all you do is wait.. wait for the phone to ring.. wait to get an interview.. wait to see when you will have $ again.. 

sometimes I feel like I'm playing the waiting game with weight loss... Especially with a Weigh In once a week.. I'm just waiting to get to that next WI.. sometimes its all I think of.. which I guess is good because it keeps me accountable for what I eat. I can't wait for the the day when I dont have to wait.. where I'm finally at goal and my life is not controlled by trying to lose weight

anyways.. I have another interview (i guess) tomorrow for the radio station job.. I should've asked what it was.. but I guess it could only be another interview. I also have the possibility of another interview for a different job (a CSR job) tomorrow as well depending on what happens with the first interview... I really hope something works out this week... It's no fun crying yourself to sleep because you don't know how you're going to afford life...

Today's Food
WI this morning was 230.. I am not going to WW meetings now.. sad.. Tomorrow morning is my official WI.

cereal/milk/banana (8)

3 tacos (3)
bean/corn mix (2)
cheese (2)

1 cup tomato soup (2)
1 grilled cheese w/ ff cheese (5)

8 points left, but I'm afraid to have anything else because I want to see the best loss possible tomorrow morning... how SICK IS THAT.. 

off to read Dr Phils Weight loss book...

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