Thursday, October 30, 2008

a small freak-out

so i am at training for my new job up in Geneva and am now on my lunch break. I decided to head over to blogger and check it out.. and it went right to my account.. I was confused.. How did this computer know my account.. then i logged out and reazlied it was because i checked gmail and blogger uses my google account..

dumb blonde moment..

training is going well.. a bit over whellming.. but once I get into a routine i will be ok.
I borought my lunch.. so I am ok there too.

Food Log
cereal/milk (7)
( i caved on cracklin oat bran.. love that stuff.. but its 5points/serv.. oh well!)

fiber one bar (2)

pear (1)
tomato soup (in hand) (4)
rf cheezits (5)

banana (1)

3 slices veg pizza (12)

32 points.. -2 from WP


being taken out for lunch by Kelly, one of the girls who is training me to do traffic work for the radio station.. that means I put all the commercials in the broadcast.. It wasn't too bad today.. it's going to be a lot of work.. not just receptionist stuff.. but I think I can get the hang of it.. I picked everything up pretty quick today.

I stopped at the outlet mall.. picked up 2 pairs of pants at LB for $50. One of my goals is to never have to shop at Lane Bryant or any plus size store again.. so expensive... and not fashionable at all. I was pretty annoyed I had to buy up a size.. I had gotten rid of all my size 20 clothes before the summer.. oh well! I will be out of them soon..

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