Saturday, October 11, 2008

yesterday and today!

Friday was an ok day.. I doubled up on food at lunch again.. but I didn't do doubles at breakfast. I had a headache, so i didnt walk after work. I found out that I'm only making $10/hr at this day care job.. when I thought I was going to be making $ now I am looking for a better paying job.. if that's even possible. I've also emailed my boss about this situation hoping that she will give me a raise.

Anyways.. the food list for Friday..

oatmeal, banana (4)

2c pasta (8)
mixed veggies
garlic cheese bread (8)

pasta w/veg sauce (4)

sweet potato

Total points 32... only used 1 weekly point... and am now down to 16 WP left

Today is a better day..
I woke up around 930, read for awhile, then got dressed to go take a walk.. had a pear.. then drove up to school to try to practice. My throat is weird again.. like there is a lump in it.. It wasnt easy to vocalize in my upper range. I played through all my music for the Messiah.. tried to sing my solo.. but my voice wasnt having it. I will try again tomorrow afternoon.

After that I went to the trail and walked for 40 minutes. It was so beautiful outside.. the way the sun came through the trees onto the trail. I saw a ton of chipmunks.. blue jays.. and even a deer just standing in my path. It reminded me how good life really is even if i'm in a financial mess. 

I came home and made 2 small breakfast burritos.. just eggs, some cheese and 2 whole wheat wraps. I also weighed myself (before my walk) and am at 230. It's my TOM though.. and even though it hasn't started yet.. I wonder how I will affect my weigh-in on Tuesday. I also wonder when It's going to come.. I'm on the NuvaRing.. and it goes back in on Tuesday morning. I'll probably get it today.. yay for short periods.

Todays Food List

pear (1)

2 ww burritos (4)
2 eggs (4)
cheese (2)
total - 10

banana (1)

roasted veggies over Rice (5)
1 ww wrap w/ cheese (4)
glass of red wine (2)

Used - 23 points of 31 ... 8 points remain for the day, plus  12 WP
I had a late start.. Im sure Ill be hungry around 9 or 10
wasnt really impressed with my veggies.. too much garlic I think (is that even possible?!)
I liked the winter squash? (orange color) and onions.. but my carrots didnt get very tender.. I'll probably just toss it in some spaghetti sauce to use over pasta

edit 1025pm

add 4 graham crackers w/ pb (8)
double gin and tonic (4)

Kind of had a melt down while watching 'Wall-e'. My ex and I had seen that movie 3 times this summer and have lots of good memories around it.. I haven't thought of him in a few weeks.. but I totally broke down about him tonight.. plus about my job and $

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