Friday, October 31, 2008

it's a slippery slope...

I was taken out to lunch today.. I had a tuna melt and fries... and from there it went downhill.. with no sign of stopping...

halloween candy
3 slices of pizza
big bowl of ice cream

SO... needless to say all my daily points were used even before dinner and the rest of the WP points are gone

I thought briefly about stopping the binge.. but.. a small (at least its getting small!) voice said.. "eh.. you blew it so just finish off the day.."

as i was eating the ice cream i could tell i was full.. but I kept going.. just like every kid.. I was ingrained with 'finish everything on your plate!'

I know it's not going to ruin my WI on wed. morning.. it may result in no loss.. but that was my decision to let go like that so I have no one to blame but myself.

Im going out to Lunch with a friend tomorrow.. and will be as careful as I can... and then just be really careful till WI.

I did go for a walk today.. it finally warmed up.. and it was a good walk

now Im watching 'Young Frankestein'

happy halloween!

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