Thursday, October 9, 2008

one walk -- 2 more to go by next Tuesday

OK.. So today was my short day.. out of work at 1 so I drove right to the end of the south hill rec trail and walked for 40 minutes.. burned 315 calories.. 3 activity points.

Food, however, got me in the butt...

I still can't stop at one serving at lunch.. plus today i had another breakfast when I got in to work!! I know my period is due soon.. but that shouldn't be an excuse to go nuts and eat whatever I want!

anyways.. Im very proud I got a walk in today. I left my shoes in the car in hopes that if it's nice when I leave work.. then I will go walk.

Todays Food

bagel/lite cream cheese/ banana (9)

845 (at work)
mini bagel, PB (7)

Lunch 1130
2 tuna sandwiches (10)
applesauce (1)

Snack 300
pear (1)
graham crackers (2)
pb (2)
nuts (4)

dinner 700
pasta 1 1/2 cups (6)
veggies w/sauce (2)

snack - no reason - wasnt hungry
bagel w pb (7)


Now.. I gained 3 APs
But USED freakin' 18 weekly points in one day

I know it's emotional eating.. I know it. Im bored and lonely.. If I had $ I would join a gym and spend my nights there.. instead of sitting on my bed.. watching tv or computer.

I'm frustrated with myself.. But I know that its going to be ok.. those weekly points are there to be used.. I just need to really stick to one serving a meal.. drinking my water.. walking. I know WW works.. I'm just really emotional

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