Saturday, November 8, 2008


Finally hit the 5lb mark.. it only took 6 weeks.. I know that when I get into a gym the loss will go a little faster.. 228.9 this morning.. my new WI day/start of WW week.

It's a gloomy, rainy day today.. I hope to get a walk in this afternoon when it's supposed to at least stop raining.

My reward for 5lbs was a mani/pedi.. but I'm going to switch it to buying a new book. I've been eyeing mark bittmans 'how to cook everything Vegetarian'.. I'll have to check the stores today.. I think its $25 but I may be able to get it cheaper on Amazon.. but then I have to wait! :)~

Food Log

2 eggs scrambled w/ butter (5)
bagel (3)
lf cream cheese (2)


Walk - 1 hour (+4)

2 graham crackers (2)

Total - 12

Left - 18 +4 (22)

Dinner - Out w/ friend...

Chinese Buffet... Why did I even suggest it...

1 1/2 cups rice (6)
4 dim sum (6)
1 veg egg roll (5)
1 cup veg lo mein (7)
6 sweet/sour chicken bits (12)
diet soda

36 -22 = 14

14 from Weekly POints
(35-14 = 21 wp left)

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