Sunday, November 9, 2008

that TOM

where I'm too crampy to want to walk or really do much of anything. It's cold today.. another reason I don't want to go out and walk.. I'm so full of excuses... Lame

morning WI - 229.4 ... thanks chinese buffet!

Food Log

cereal/milk (double) (10)

rice (6)
bean/corn/salsa (2)
1/4 c cheese (2)

this rice/bean mix was like pure comfort food.. so yum!
I was going to make a mexican lasagna tonight, but since I just ate 'mexican' I'm going to do pasta with mushroom and fake beef sauce with Rigatoni's! Yum : ) I guess I'm craving warm comfort foods now..
pasta w/mushroom sauce (6)
cheese (2)
Total - 28 (0 wps used)

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