Tuesday, November 11, 2008

the day after

a binge is always rough.. hoped on the scale.. up 1 lb to 229.0 .. granted I had a lot of sodium last night.. popcorn and soy sauce over my stirfry..

I'm planning better.. brought a soup in hand and crackers for lunch.. and an apple and a few graham crackers for snack. Dinner will be tricky.. I have to drive up to Syracuse right after work for a rehearsal and will have to pick up some kind of fast food.. I think I'll try taco bell.. they have the fresca stuff.. i'll look up tacobells nutrition info too.

Food Log
bagel/cream cheese/banana (6)

soup (4)
crackers (4)

graham cracker (3)
apple (1)

bean burritto Fresca (taco bell) (7)
diet pepsi

25 points total

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