Monday, November 10, 2008

monday blahs.. and a crazy binge!

Didn't want to get up this morning.. blah

228.0 on the scale

Food Log
bagel w/cc (6)
banana (2)

pasta (6)
apple (1)
So I ended up going home for lunch.. didn't bring a spoon.. so I ate the above.. and then proceeded to go absolutly nuts and ate this...
cheese (3)
bread (2)
cheezits (did not count..) (8?)
graham crackers (4)
PB (5)
So far.. 37 points .. -7 from WP leaving 14 wps

rice (6)
peas (2)
chix nuggets (5)

popcorn (4)

54 points total.. and no more WP's

I don't know what got into me.. It's annoying that it's only my second day of the week and I will have blown through my WPs.. but.. that's why they are there.. If I go home for lunch.. which I think I will do.. it's nice to get out of the office.. I really REALLY need to just eat what I have planned...
I'm making the mexican caserole thing tonight.. its 6 points a piece... i'll probably have popcorn tonight too.. so.. i think my WP will be used up
plus I have a headache (overhead lights.. ugh...) and I need to practice AND I'm crampy.. what a fun day..
oh.. and looking out my window.. all I see is snow falling.. it's really pretty.. and it's not sticking.. yet...

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