Sunday, December 28, 2008

Clean eating is awesome!

Yesterday was my first day on the 'eat-clean' diet and I have to say.. if this is a 'diet' then count me in! Actually.. it's not a diet.. it's a lifestyle change.. but one that I feel like I can keep up with for the rest of my life. Why shouldn't I?! I ate all day (well.. every 2 -3 hours)...I ate foods that I like..albeit smaller portions..and felt really good about myself for eating whole, natural foods with not processing and minimal sugars.

speaking of the sugars.. It's shocking to see what has sugar in it. I was cleaning out my pantry last night and I tossed out more than I would've liked to (don't like to waste things!).. but I did it because I know sugar is a major culprit to my weight gain. I also may have PCOS (Poly cystic ovarian syndrome)..and while never officially diagnosed..deep down I have a feeling I do have this..and eliminating sugars is key to helping with that as well. Plus.. Cancer loves sugar...and my mom passed away from I'd like to not let that happen to me as well!

I did have a dull headache most of the day.. presumably it was the sugar because I felt like I was eating enough.... I sparkpeopled it and my days caloric intake was at 1550 .. and I did work out for 45 minutes (280cal) so I really should've had more food. My BMR is 2450ish.. so to lose 2 pounds a week, I should be eating 1450....but I need to eat what I worked 1700. It's interesting to play with those numbers but I don't want to get locked up in them either.. and all I do is think numbers... so I may just add more protein in at lunch.... I'm trying for a smaller meal at dinner so I don't go to be so full.

Anyways.. here was *yesterdays* food log:

Breakfast (10:30) (yay weekends~)
1 cup oatmeal
with 1 scoop vanilla soy protein powder
banana on top

2 things with this meal...
1. mixing oatmeal and powder before heating turns the end result into a disgusting, paste like, oatmeal..I had to add a tbsp of honey to get it down... will not be making it this way again.

2. I keep reading mixed reviews on SOY in the diet for women.. I'll have to find my resource.. but anyone know any definent reasons why not to have soy in the diet?

snack (1:30)
1 cup baby carrots
2 tbsp pre-made hummus (no sugar.. pretty natural/clean)

1. I was so hungry after this meal.. something to do with the carrotts or do I need more hummus (or a different protein)

Lunch (4:00)
2 small whole wheat wraps
2 Tbsp hummus /split b/w wraps
2 cups raw baby spinach
3oz chicken..split

delicious.. but really could've used more protein.. I'm on a budget so I need to find cheap meat..time to look through the ads...or just add some beans to the wrap..

Snack (7:00)
1 oz. almonds

Dinner (9:30) (way late.. but I didnt get to bed til 1)
1 cup bean chili
1 cup whole wheat couscous
2 cups mixed veg (had carrotts and corn...needed to get rid of it)

I drank at least 8 glasses of water.. if not more..
Overall -- not a bad day
I even got a 45 minute walk in... and looked at the weight machines but felt a little lost. I've used the ones I was familiar with.. but I'm going to have to get a trainer to show me the machines.. and maybe work up a weight training plan for me... something simple yet effective and does'nt make me look or feel like a basically sticking to machines.. haha

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