Friday, December 26, 2008

Why lose weight?

We all have our reasons... here are mine:

- I'm tired of being tired... of my knees and back hurting, of being winded from climbing a few flights of stairs, of feeling uncomfortable in my body

- I stop sleep feel better. I want to be able to shop off the racks, I want to have better circulation, I want to have one chin, not 3! I want curves..not rolls.

- I want my confidence and self esteme/self worth to match what I know myself to be but have trouble showing because I'm embarassed of my weight.

- I want a long career and a teacher...and singer. I have held myself back as a singer because of my weight...I've been afraid and embarassed. Looks are a big deal when you are a singer and on stage.. just as much as being an actress on stage or film... and while I wish it wasn't so... it is..and i'm not comfortable being a fatty on stage where tons of people are watching me.

- I want to reach all my life goals and live long enough to do so! Things like traveling.. learning to dance.. trying new things...meeting new people ... hopefully the love of my life sooner-than-later

- To look hot! Not my primary reason.. but I've never felt hot ever. I've be fat my whole life..I've never known what its like to wear that 'little black dress'.. or shop in regular stores...I'm sick of Lane Bryant and the womans/plus size section. I want to wear fashionable clothes and look hot!

Why change my diet?...

to not feel bloated and sick after eating... to stop my heart from racing at not become reduce my risk of any number of diseases.. to not be a statistic

There are numerous reasons to lose weight and eat healthy. I think it's good to take stock of why you want to make a major change in your life so you know deep down why you are doing this. Never do it for someone else or for superficial reason... do it because you want to and you know you need to.

Best of luck to everyone on their own journeys...


MizFit said...

and back atcha with the luck but, in a way, you wont need it.

sure it'll be work in 09---but you KNOW WHY you want it and that's half the battle.

for me it was a LOT of your first reason. wanting to stop lamenting all the time IM SOOO TIRED.


Katschi said...

Hi Mel, here is the link for Tosca Reno's blog:
She gets around to asking all questions. I'm not aware of any discussion boards. I didn't look to see if she has one on her site. That would sure be helpful.
For me, I try to have a protein & a complex carb together & I consider veggies & fruit complex carbs.
I don't always eat oatmeal for breakfast. Usually it's eggs or a protein shake & a fruit.
Hope this helps!
Have a great workout!

Tena said...

A lot of your reasons are on my list of reasons. If we all stick together and offer support we can whip this battle!!