Sunday, December 28, 2008

day 2 - eating clean..

Woke up late again.. 10:30.. I put new curtains up in my bedroom so it's a lot darker..and I rearranged my room according to feng shui and I think that's helped.

Made a protein shake for breakfast..
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 banana
1/2c frozen strawberries
1/2 c frozen peach
1 cup warm water

It's ok.. it's not really smooth and creammy... more airy and fluffy.. maybe i need to add ice.. but I was trying to avoid the freezing cold smoothies in the morning...hmm

Off to the gym after this.. 45 min walk.. I need to get an audio book on my mp3 player..reading a mag yesterday made the time fly.. I also had my music on (brit brit, JT, Kanye...nice mix!)

I'm feeling good today.. mild headache this am.. but otherwise i'm up and feeling ready to DO things... and that's a good thing ; )

snack 1:00
1oz almonds

lunch 330
2 wheat wraps
3 tbsp hummus
5oz chicken
2 cup baby spinach

dinner 630
1/2c couscous
1c bean chili
1c brocolli

snack 800 - really hungry
3 tbsp hummus

Walk 45minutes (250ish cal)

I'm not eating enough calories... I really don't want to stall my weight loss because I'm not eating enough.. any thoughts on where to add more calories... I don't drink milk and I'm trying to stay away from cheese.


Anonymous said...

I like to add a bit of yogurt to my smoothies to take away airy and give it some creamy.

andrea. said...

I've found that sometimes the protein powders cause that airy/fluffiness, if you overblend them. Blending it seems to add too much air. Depending on what kind of powder it is, maybe see if you can just dissolve it in the warm water seperately, then just stir stir it into the already-blended frozen fruit. If it won't dissolve without some blending, you could try doing all the heavy fruit blending first, and then just gently pulsing it once you add the protein powder. Good luck!

Sharon said...

I think you're doing great. I love yogurt as well, and I find that it is perfect as a dessert or even as a morning snack!

Overall though, definitely great eating! Thanks for sharing, because now I need to get back on track!