Thursday, December 18, 2008


It's funny.. I'm in such a happy, positive place right now. I'm getting back to working out... am fully committed to WW again.

I was walking down to the UPS dock in our building and passed a couple guys... and what did I do?.. The ' i-have-no-self-confidence-because-i-am-overweight-so-i-will-avert-my-eyes/lower-my-head-and-walk-past-you"

I so can't wait for the day when I have confidence and can just keep my head up and smile..say hello..

I sometimes will keep my head up and give a smile and hi.. but it feels so awkward and fake to me.. like I don't even believe myself.. Maybe it's just my personality.. maybe I am an introvert.. but I would like feeling good about myself (i.e -losing weight).. would help me with my personality as well.. I know that there is an outgoing person inside..sometimes, around certain people that im comfortlable with, it comes out.. so.. While it's sad that I cant 'bring it' now because I'm letting my weight get to me.. I know that I am working on it..


MizFit said...

thats it.
there is your 2009 goal.

Im in to help.

Anonymous said...

"Fake it, til you make it, girlie!" Thats my advice! Confidence will come, but in the mean time "fake it". I know that sounds stupid, but its so true!

Think of it this way, when you look up and smile at someone else (especailly the opposite sex), you are giving THEM a condifence boost too! So why not?!?! Spread the wealth! Hold you head high, and smile away! =)