Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day!

Well.. almost.. We are getting a massive snow storm today/tonight and it started around 9:30am.. 2 inches an hour or more... We got to leave work early.. so I was home by 12:30.. roads were not plowed, ofcourse, but I made it home with no problem.

Will not be making it to the gym...but may get in a taebo video this afternoon... but am oddly tempted to organize my bedroom..

oatmeal (2)
pb (2)
sunflower seeds (1)
banana (2)

pizza english muffin (7)

I was just looking up nutrition data for hummus... and came across this great site... aptly named

It shows you so much info.. like how full it will keep you.. you can analyze recipes.. man.. I need to look around this site today.. looks pretty great!

I can't seem to quiet my stomach.. even after a large -3 glass- glass of water..

nuts (4)
chili w/cheese (4)
chicken wrap (5)

28 used... 4 left... , 23 weekly left...

thoughts.. have not been eating all my daily points..and have started working out this week... but also wonder if im just bored... but I def. do feel hungry.. so.. just thoughts..

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