Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 3 - eat clean

not gonna lie.. pretty hungry! I must be eating too little and since I cant afford more protein.. (yay food budget : ( I guess I will have to bump up the carbs. Balancing a diet is tricky! I'm adding in soy milk and I may have to add cheese back in but I'm not sure that's really clean.. plus cheese is such a trigger food for me.

Todays Food..

breakfast (8am)
1/2c oatmeal (it was supposed to be a cup but it exploded in the micro)
1 banana
1cup frozen fruit
1 scoop protein powder

snack (10)
baby carrots
3 tbsp hummus

lunch (1230)
1c bean chili
1c broc
1/2c couscous

snack (330)
10z almonds

dinner (630)
4oz turkey breast
1c mixed veg (had carrotts/corn)
1/2cup couscous

Its now 830 and I am freakin' starving!!

CALORIES ----1500
CARBS ----234
FAT ----30

off to have a glass of soy milk and a tbsp of pb ... which brings me up to

1,680 Calories
241 Carbs (55%)
43 Fat (22%)
103 Protein (23%)

Didn't get a workout in either.. got all the way to the gym and changed.. only to find i did not have my shoes with me! Boo... and I was really looking forward to my walk.. I'll get it in tomorrow and will also figure out the balance of this diet soon. Going away for NewYearsEve..will do the best I can and not beat myself up... It's just one day.. and one day of a whole week of good shouldn't be too horrible.


Anonymous said...

you might feel a bit hungry for a few days until You adjust, also try brown rice instead of couscous....a bit more filling :). Cook a whole bunch of it on Sunday and that way its more convienient for the rest of the week, also try putting in a few nuts once a day like dh lost 50lbs on this way of eating, he also ate alot of egg whites a tuna!For me I just started today and I am ...lets just say adjusting :)

Sharon said...

Wow, you did extraordinary with protein! I'm impressed!

Tamzin said...

HI! here via Katschi and the eat clean challenge! Looks like you are doing great. But like you - there is no way that I would survive (currently) on 1,500 a day!

I've been looking at some low GI foods/recipies. Lots of sweet potato/beans and that sort of thing. They fill you up and are "clean".

The other thing that I like to do, but haven't done in a while is hard boil a bunch of eggs and eat one of those suckers in the morning. With or without the yoke.

I'll be back to check on you as we get further in on this! Cheers