Sunday, December 21, 2008

Moving Forward to 2009!

I had a great massage today.. in prep for a great 2009. I've been thinking about the ex all weekend and know in my heart that if we can't draw a big line and not cross it.. then there is just no way we can be 'just friends'. I really want to move FORWARD.. I don't want to be stuck thinking about the past.

This is my year.. I will get healthy for me and no one else.. I will do whatever I need to do to be happy.. I will lose this protective layer of fat and not be afraid to be who I am. I think what a lot of overweight people get stuck on is just that.. this fat is a protective layer..and it's safe (and easy) to just stay fat... we can try all we want to lose weight, but it's not going to happen until you just give in and let go... everything else will fall into place.

I'm not giving myself a time frame.. I will just take every day one day at a time.. focus on making good, healthy food choices...taking time to help my body get healthy by working out...and take time for my mental health.. wether its writting here or doing some yoga. I don't want to fall back or stay stagnant in this life (and body).. I want to move forward.

I'm really looking forward to this year... My lease ends at the end of may.. I will put all my stuff in storage (after a good purge of things I don't use/need... lighten the life load!).. I'll teach at camp again this summer..and apply for teaching jobs.. pretty much anywhere... I will find a job that I really love and will also be in a city that has many singing opportunitys. I will do things for me.. I will not actively search for a guy to be with or buy things that I think will make me happy... I will focus on me and making my life as full as can be.

What are your thoughts for the new year and how will you achieve them?


Rebecca said...

Hi Mel.

2009 for me will be about becoming more of me. I have 4 sisters 3 of whom are overweight also. I am the youngest and for 20 years their identity has been projected on to me. I am different to them. I have just recently started to say that out loud. Of course I love them very dearly, but I am ready for them and everybody to find out who I am. I will be working on having a healthy mind and body so that I can enjoy life with my sisters as myself.

Bunny Trails said...

I have to second what Rebecca said! Part of this journey for US is about truly being US - not what everyone else wants us to be. I don't know about you, but I have lived so long now for others - afraid to rock the boat and do what I need and want. Well, 2009 is the year of US. We are taking it back!! Healthy mind = healthy body = healthy soul = true happiness!