Monday, January 5, 2009

100th post!

Pretty neat!

GREAT day today... I did push myself at the gym today and feel awesome about! This must be what it feels like to have energy! I walked for 3.0mph, bumping the incline up every 5 minutes or so.. half way through I decided I could walk a little I bumped it up to 3.2mph. By the time the inclines were up to 3 .. I was feelin it! In the end I worked off 425 calories... I usually do 250cal ... so almost doubled it! I bet if I keep walking a little faster each time.. I'll double it! Very proud of myself!

I ate well today and got all my water in. I did have a cup of coffee with creamer and sugar.. not so clean.. but also not the end of the world either. I can't believe I'm doing salads and actually enjoying it. I think it's the avacado.. LOVE avacado. I've also been warming up my protein (turkey or beans or chicken) to put on top of my salad. I'm only using red wine vinegar and am so ok with that.

While walking I thought up a plan to get everything scheduled into my week. I will do my cardio (walking...eventually jogging!) on M/W/F/Sat. In a few weeks.. once I'm positive and settled into my cardio/eating routine (it's not good to change TOO much at once!) I will add strength training on T/Th/Sat. I will do this at home after I get back from working out my voice (need to practice the singing!). I still need to find a good program. I'll be doing it at home, in a small space. Not sure If I should eat before.. I'll be getting home from practice by 7...I don't want to eat late.. but I don't know if working out late is worse.. (thoughts anyone?) I have strength bands and a yoga ball... so i need to find a strength training program to do with those... or scrounge some money to get free weights.

Overall... great day.. I'm feeling positive and strong today. After my walk I went back to the changing room to grab my stuff.... I looked in the mirror , winked at myself.. and said

" You can do this... You ROCK!"

I hope you all had a great day!


Rosie said...

Try balsamic vinegar in you need to change things up. I love love love balsamic.

I eat a little before my strength training and a little after. I've heard that carbs are good for before a work out to get your energy up and then protein is important afterward to feed your muscles.

Sharon said...

Wow, you did amazing! Look at you go with those workouts!!!

Tamzin said...

Look at you go! WOOHOO!