Monday, January 5, 2009

believe in your self

After a fun little bet with Karen of Fitcetera, I started thinking that maybe I am not pushing myself enough. I do my little walk.. and while it's still good for me and burns about 250calorie.. I think.. no.. I KNOW I can do more.. I always say that 'If I can lose 5lbs this month' that's pretty good!..but..Maybe I'm not believing in myself enough.. or not pushing myself enough.. Maybe I could lose 2lbs a week...I know slow is good.. and 2lbs a week is still in the ok range.

Instead of saying '5lbs a month is good enough'.. I'm going to step it up and challenge myself to work hard and eat well and really test myself and see what I can do!!

I will not settle for mediocre... in health, in life, in exercise, in LOVE... I'm worth more!

(I'd cry.. kinda of want to.. what a powerful statement!!!.. but im at work!)


Sharon said...

You definitely can accomplish it!

Tamzin said...

Sweet! I like it - I like it a lot.