Monday, January 5, 2009

Protein Powder

I love me some smoothie.. but my protein powder is GROSS.

I'm using a store brand (wegmans) vanilla soy protein powder and sweet jesus, it's the most floury,batter tasting stuff ever. I should've got chocolate.. It was $12.50, so I'm not tossing it.. it's still protein powder in the end, and I need protein in the am..but.. For all you out there who use protein powder.. what are you using, and does it taste good?!

I use a scoop in my morning fruit smoothie, with soy milk.


Rebecca said...

eww...sorry. Your description left a bad taste in my mouth! Literally. I don't use them but I hope you find your groove with one!

Katschi (Karen) said...

Oh boy. I bought chocolate whey protein powder from Costco by LeanFIT. It isn't the greatest either but it's chocolate, ya know?
It would probably taste good with banana but I haven't done that yet.
I tried mixing it in with my oatmeal but that was so gross, too. Yuck!
I just mix mine with unsweetened almond milk & water only because I like volume.

I want to get to Onederland by April 1/09. It's highly probable that I'll make it by then.
Let's DO IT!

Tamzin said...

I use myoplex... its the most palitable that I've found. I also put it into my oatmeal - that seems to disguise the taste of it, but vanilla can be the worst for that chalky yuk taste.

I've also noted that it works better with dark berries then mango or orange. But that might just be me.

Sharon said...

I've seen people put them in cookies? -lol-

But have you tried placing more fruits or other flavor components to rid of the icky taste?