Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just some thoughts

I think my body needs to really move everyday.. and perhaps this only doing cardio m/w/f is not going to be the best for me... I mean.. YES.. It's good for me any my body... but I think my body needs/craves more and while I do need to get weights and practicing my singing in.. I think I just need to focus on just one thing.. and thats moving every day (except sunday.. baby jesus wan'ts us to rest then ; )

I *will* add strength training in... probably in the next week or so. I really want to get working out 6 days a week under my belt as well as eating clean.

Speaking of eating clean.. It is going well but I am sneaking in more substitute sugar than I should. In fact.. Im on my second cup of coffee with sweet and low... and not just one pckt.. 2 PACKETS.. for each cup. I usually do coffee with creamer and sugar.. but we are our of creamer.. I was surprised i actually liked it with just sugar... but that's besides the point..

I need to review the plan again.. I am adding in a cheese stick/day.... and have upped the protein (larger servings).. My calorie intake is about 200-300 higer than it was the first week... I felt it was a little low and I was going to bed really hungry.

So.. new workout plan

I will focus on Cardio/Strength ONLY from here until the end of May.. I can practice singing this summer while I teach at Ballibay...

CARDIO 60min/day... 6 Days a Week (Walk.. increase mph weekly and inclines bi-weekly)
STRENGTH 20-30m/day... 3 Days a Week

I've decided that since my dinner is usually my lightest meal of the day, that I'm ok eating later than usual.. I am working on getting to bed (lights off) by 11pm. I'm also going to ask my boss if I can leave half an hour earlier (5pm) since I am staying in the office for my hour lunch (we just got a fridge.. finally).. and take a half hour, in-house, lunch... I think that's a good compromise... that way I would get home a little earlier.

Anyways... lots of thoughts going through my head today. I think I *am* coming down with something. My throat has that raw,hot, icky, itchy feeling which usually leads to strep.. But I am staying as positive as possible in hopes it wont manifest into something bad!

so.. long story short...

My main FOCUS is on ME and my HEALTH/WEIGHT for the next 5 MONTHS


Sharon said...

Those are such great plans. And I completely agree that the focus is YOU! Cheers!

Rebecca said...

I am so happy to see you change your plan to suit you. That is what so many forget...what works for you will not work for me because we are different. Trying and altering is the way to success! Good job!