Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I think I'm just really down all around ... what with having to call on my ex for help (See previous post)...being stressed at work...and because of my car.. and not having that until (hopefully) friday.. so I have no way to get to the gym.. which also depresses me because I was doing SO well.. and now I have a whole week of no gym.. I'm still eating ok.. I am getting lax.. and have little motivation to be accountable.. also tried to do some emotional eating tonight... wasnt happy with the meal i had planned so I put it back in the fridge and made a tuna sandwich .. which also didnt make me happy, so i threw the rest of that out and thought that maybe a PB sandwich would make me happy...and then it clicked.. FOOD DOES NOT DO THAT.. so I didn't go for the sandwich.. and came here to write instead... (hence the long ass post about relationships... )

I know what I need to do to get my health and weight issues moving in the right direction.. it's just really hard for me today and after all the progress I made I hate to see myself slip even the tiniest

I'm talking in circles.. I'm sorry if all my posts today seem crazy.. I'm just rambling now and dumping it all here.. read if you want but really I just needed to clear my head...


Lee said...

You're really being tested this week but you're handling it well.

Can you do stretches while watching a favorite show on TV?

Charlotte said...


Dont be sorry, it is your blog and you are entitled to whinge as much as you want. Just because you are blogging doesnt mean you have to stay positive all the time, it really helps but you are not required too.

Nice work on not eating comfort food for dinner.

Tamzin said...

Hey - I'd rather read a post about you not eating here - then you eating and not posting! :D

Sorry its been a toughie... It will get better!!


Rebecca said...

Maybe instead of going to the gym you could walk around your neighborhood until you can get to go to the gym again?

MizFit said...

but a big victory to come here instead of EATING.
and never apologize!
it's your blog.
your place to release and vent.