Monday, February 2, 2009

a few things

Lots of awesome prize giveaways this week! Check out Mizfit for some awesome prizes EVERY DAY THIS WEEK!

Also, check out Hangrypants, they are giving away some yummy looking almond butter!

I ofcourse entered.. I have yet to win any prizes since blogging.. not that that's why I blog.. I actually had no idea people did that. If my blog ever got big, id totes do some giveaways!

As for the Month of January... had some gains and some major losses..
but ended up losing 9.2lbs

not too bad! It beat my goal of 6 - 8lbs a month..
I've got some great plans for Feb..
I am starting the Couch 2 5k , jogging program today
and this Friday is my first BODY PUMP class.. and I'm freakin scared to death of it.. but SOOOOO want the challenge (and results) from it.

Eating is back to good.. eliminating sneaky sugars and keep tracking on sparkpeople.
Staying positive and looking forward.. I can do this...


Dina said...

over at

she's giving away a scale too

Mary Lou Retton talking scale :)

Great job on losing 9.2!

Mel said...

I saw that.. I'm not sure I want a scale talking to me and encouraging me.. there's something just not right about that.. and highly annoying at the same time.. haha. Thanks for the post!

Sharon said...

Great job!
And thanks for the links to the giveaways!

Tony said...

Congrats on losing 9 pounds!