Thursday, April 9, 2009

note to self..

That hour long walk felt great..and you burned 375 calories and worked up a good sweat.. something to be PROUD of... now let's keep that up and turn things around...Body Pump class tomorrow.. sensible eating over the weekend please..

also.. stop worrying about getting below 200 by a certain date.. when it happens, it happens.. just focus on making good food choices and moving more ONE DAY AT A TIME

Everything is going to work out in the end.. you will get through this stressy, upheaval of life time... promise... you've gone through TONS worse.. this is do-able.


Tamzin said...

Ilove it!!! :) Great thoughts and a lovely post.

Have a fabulous easter weekend

Kelly said...

((HUGS)) You're doing great. Hang in there and have a great weekend. :)

MizFIt said...

AMEN to all you said in your note.
now print it out and post all over your domicile.