Friday, April 10, 2009

the weight is lifted... in more than one way...

I've been working on my taxes for the past 2 days. I usually do not wait this long but I was under the impression that I would be owing Fed and NYS taxes. After talking to a collegue at work who used to do tax prep, I find that the IRA disburtment I made did not have to be taxed in full.. only the amount that I gained was to be taxed (the the amount I contributed).. SO.. I'm ok.. I do not owe any money to the Fed or State.. and I get back $ that just lifted a HUGE weight of my shoulders and I notice it already.. I'm happy and not as stressed about the future and now have some money to set aside for travel this spring and summer.

in other weight news...

Body pump class today... I really pushed myself.. didn't give in or make excuses. I feel it already.. but I am so SO proud of myself!! I had a Gillian/Biggest Loser moment... It was the 3 round of the bicep set and I was about to cry it was getting so hard.. but I pushed myself through and man.. The power/energy I feel after that class is amazing.. I love the instructor on Friday eve.. she say's all the right things and has a great attitude. The tuesday class is ok - I don't feel as motivated to push myself tho.. but I will still go... want to get at least 2 classes in a week.

Crazy crazy few weeks coming up.. need to get things sorted and sell things I don't need.. pack pack pack..

I'm hoping for at least a maintain on the scale... but even that isn't really mattering any more.. I feel great and I think I see some changes in my body shape.. so as long as I keep feeling good and watching what I eat and how much I move.. I can do no wrong..

Thanks for all the support and comments!

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