Saturday, January 3, 2009

Weekly Weigh-in = a loss!

Good morning!

Well after new years eve/day's not tracking and not eating clean.. i still managed to lose this week..

2 lbs!

I have to say.. looking back on the week that the best things to do for me were to

1. drink water every day.. even if it wasnt 8 glasses
2. track my food (on sparkpeople)
3. measure portions
4. walk at least 3 times between weigh ins

I'm still trying to eat enough food calorie wise. I know that if you go to low you end up stalling yourself.. and I obviously don't want that.


Tamzin said...

woohoo!!! gratz ont he 2 lbs. thats fabulous

I'm really trying to get more water everyday too. I think its helping.


Sharon said...


Anonymous said...

When I was doing weight watchers, my leader told me sometimes u have to shake your body up. Our bodies get so used to eating healthy that when we eat unhealthy our bodies go haywire and say What's going on here, so u will lose. I think that happened for a few of us over Christmas I know it did for me. She told me if I ever get to a point where i plateau to go out and eat whatever I want. Shake my body up a little bit and it will start dropping again. Now granted u cant do this every week or u want lose, but sometimes our bodies need a little surprise. haha

Anonymous said...

oh and btw Congrats on the 2 lbs!